Water Treatment

Ultra Violet Systems

The quality of rural water from rainwater collection tanks, streams, springs and shallow bores is likely to contain biological contamination which includes faecal matter from animals and birds both domestic and wild. The most efficient method of treating this problem is with filtration followed by Ultra Violet disinfection. A simple “water test” is a great way to find out the quality of your water supply.

Water Softeners

Excessive hardness is due to high levels of calcium and magnesium which will cause “Lime scale buildup” particularly if the water is heated, there will also be difficulty getting soap and detergents to lather up. An automatic water softener will efficiently eliminate this problem using an ion exchange process where the calcium is replaced with the more soluble sodium. This is done automatically using a timer control which allows the water softener resin bed to backwash and regenerate with a brine solution as required.

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